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Ron Paul is the Congressman for the county this is taking place...he is running for president. Rick Perry is governor of Texas where this is taking place...he too is running for president...

The video is all of our family having dinner together. Trinity is saying a prayer with her mom helping her. This is before her mom passed away. This is before our father passed away..this is before our family was torn apart by a teacher and a school.

Our sister has been taken against certain laws that are set up to protect children.  These laws have been broken. Family Code 261.101

A teacher used her job as a state liscenced offical to take a child from a home and knowingly had a lawyer put a "Temporary Retraining order against my deceased father.

This case is a "Travesty of Justice" In which a small town has been able to bend the legal system in order to take a child away without any legal standing.  

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What kind of sister would I be if I just let STRANGERS take her and let her biological father whom has never met her just sign over his rights to STRANGERS  after only meeting them for 24 HOURS!?  What kind of biological father signs over his rights of his biological child to someone he has only met in a 24 hour period??!!  He wanted to wash his hands of any repsonisbility ...he didn't make a rational decision for a child he never even met!  He gave us paperwork but this teacher and her husband filed paperwork with the court to Sue the father...was he acting under duress?


Letter to
Principal Secretary Stephen F Austin Elementary Bravo Rosemary
Brazosport ISD Board President Ruth Ann Few
Brazosport ISD Board Vice President Joel Welch
and 19 others
Superintendent Brazosport ISD Dr. Karin Holacka
Congressman Ron Paul
Congressman Lamar Smith
State Senator Larry Taylor
State Representative Dennis Bonnen
Texas State House
Texas State Senate
Texas State Board of Education
City Attorney Wallace N. Shaw
Counselor Stephen F Austin Elementary Ashley Smith
Principal Stephen F Austin Elementary Melania Gutierrez
Administrative Services Danney Massey
Director of Human Resources Jay Whitehead
State Representative Brazoria Representative Dennis Bonnen
State Senator Senator Mike Jackson
Marshall Sgt. William Tidwell
Mayor Michael Hoobs
City Secretary Linda Shepard
Texas Governor
I am writing you pertaining to a teacher and principal employed at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School, in Brazosport ISD.

I believe they have violated Ch 61. School Districts Subchapter EE. Commissioner’s Rules on Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: Per Family Code Chapter 261 “Require that every school employee who suspects child abuse or neglect submit a written or oral report to at least one of the following authorities within 48 hours or less...”

I am the daughter of Kenneth Richardson. My father passed away on January 5th, 2012. Trinity has been my sister by marriage for almost eight years. On the morning my father passed, I requested that Trinity be sent to school as she didn't know our father had passed away in the night. My father’s girlfriend was present during his sudden heart attack and called 911. I felt it was best for Trinity to await my arrival to inform her of our father’s passing. I drove that morning with my two daughters to my father’s and Trinity's place of residence. The grandmother and Aunt, (my dad’s mom and half-sister) were also on their way. Upon their arrival the grandmother became disgruntled because she did not want to have a funeral in which certain family member whom she was not on speaking terms would attend. We being "next of Kin" over ruled her as my father serving 20yrs in the Navy, deserved a full military honors funeral with 21 gun salute and taps.

I had to leave because I was considered “Trespassing” because the grandmother owned the property my father lived on for two years, but the grandmother has not been there but once in that last 1 1/2 years. My children and I drove to Houston to handle my father’s funeral arrangements since he was a widower, we were “next of kin”. Through text messages I retained communication with the grandmother and to my understanding we were to pick up Trinity, as it was my father’s wishes that she come live with me. My father may have had a will and paperwork but because his mother became disgruntled, I have not been able to sort through any of his belongings. Texas Probate Law Sect 38, states if my father does not have a will we would be “next of Kin” since he was a widower.

Two teachers and the Principal of Stephen F Austin Elementary, in Jones Creek Tx are responsible for not following: Educators Code of Ethics, 61.1051 as well as Family Code 261. My sister and I intrusted the school to call CPS if they felt that Trinity was neglected in any way. We told the school that Trinity was not allowed to go to the funeral of our our father, there was a lack of food in the house because the grandmother is diabetic and that she is on many pills which make her sleep during the day. We were concerned for our sister because the grandmother also would not allow us to take her. She asked if “we had papers”. The teacher’s husband told me in court that during the home visit they felt Trinity was neglected and named reasons. She was under the care of the Grandmother since January 5, 2012 -January 17, 2012.

As a state licensed official under Family Code 261 and Ch 61 of the Texas Educator Code, the three school officials that made the home visit per our request, should have called CPS. This would have allowed all parties to be heard and Trinity to be represented without biased, school officials are not trained to investigate Child Welfare, this is the job of a trained social worker with CPS. All of this could have been sorted out with the family members, instead the teacher acted upon false information spoken by a disgruntled grandmother. She has acted on this in a hastily manner without all the facts. Through her bias behavior she has alienated the only family Trinity has known. My sister Nadia, only knew about these atrocities through the local town Marshall. Nadia was contacting the school on a daily basis and made several visits with the school and the town Marshall. 
If my sister Nadia had not recently moved to be closer to our father and Trinity, we would have not known where our sister was, as no one would provide any information pertaining the whereabouts of our sister, except the local town Marshall.

The teacher, against our knowledge, hired a lawyer and filed paperwork for a Temporary Restraining Order against my deceased father without any legal standing. They, in addition, filed an emergency injunction requesting that the child be in their custody effective immediately awaiting the Temporary Restraining Order; this is not to be done unless there is a danger for the Respondent to cause immediate harm or danger to disturbing the peace of the child. This was done 12 days after the death of my father who had already been cremated. In the paperwork filed, the mother was listed as deceased, however the father was not.

We have not been allowed to see or speak to Trinity since our father's death. The lawyer even went as far as to say “We are not blood related, we have no right”. How does this teacher think she has rights when she has never been in Trinity’s life other than last year at school?

I as any citizen, was taking care of the loss of my father, and making arrangements for Trinity’s safety and wellbeing. I contacted my daughter’s school on January 6, 2012. I spoke to a principal here in Austin to arrange for Trinity to transfer. I wanted as smooth a transition as possible. Trinity has already dealt with great lose at such a young age. Trinity lost her mother when three months before her fourth birthday. She is almost eight and has now lost the only father she has known. I was told by the principal that she would need to contact her legal department first. On January 10, 2012, I was informed that Trinity would be able to finish out the school year here in Austin. During this time of arranging our family affairs, we were concerned for Trinity, since she was not allowed to speak to us due to the grandmother harboring ill feelings after my father’s death. While I was there she did not clean up after her dogs and I had to clean. My sister, who is also daughter to Kenneth Richardson, went to the school to voice her concerns in full trust that they would report anything after doing a home visit. 

It is my understanding that teacher was Trinity’s last years Science teacher. We are not sure exactly how she got involved since we were mostly in contact with the Principal and principal’s secretary, at Stephen F Austin Elementary.

It is my understanding she may have used her connections as a teacher to obtain this private information we shared in trust with the school’s administration. On Jan 12th my sister spoke again with the secretary, on the 13th my sister phoned CPS and was informed by CPS she needed to apply for a guardianship. The teacher, along with the principal and another school official went to Trinity’s house to do a home visit as we asked. We trusted them as we were unable to speak directly to Trinity due to the grandmother. We told them that Trinity was given Ensure. I witnessed this when Trinity asked for something to eat. I had brought bagels so I fixed her a bagel instead. We were concerned that there was a lack of food in the house because the grandmother is diabetic and does not eat regularly. It is my understanding that the school brought 1 quart of milk with them; however they claim they brought "groceries" under oath. Upon the home visit I trusted that CPS would get involved if the school had any reason to believe that there was neglect or abuse.

We never heard from the school officially about our sister Trinity; we only obtained paperwork after the local town Marshall gave us the case number regarding the TRO when Nadia visited him. This paperwork was not done in a legal manner and allowed them to obtain Trinity under false pretenses. A lawyer my father had hired for the adoption told us that the teacher and her husband violated Family Code Sect 102.003. They crossed out that no one had legal standing and that no one had rights to her. This information was untrue because Trinity’s biological father was still alive. although he has never visited her and Trinity was not aware of his existence. The teacher claims under oath that she did not know of the biological father or us, however we know this to be untrue. First off, the lawyer filed with their petition the bio-father's relinquishment of rights to our father from his adoption process. Also, the school was very well aware of my sister and I trying to obtain custody of our sister as we have been speaking with both the Principal and Prinicpal's secretary since they first heard of his demise on January 9th.

We filed a motion to intervene, as per legal advice via Lone Star Legal Aid, and gave the biological father's name and address. On January 17, 2012, we had legal standing with the father, as he signed over his rights to us to be able to go in and take Trinity out of her current situation. Because the teacher got involved in our personal family affairs, they were able to obtain on the same day, papers that were not filed with any legal standing against my and Trinity’s deceased father, Kenneth Richardson. The biological father’s information was furthermore used against us by the teacher.

I called Brazosport ISD on Jan 24, 2012 to file a grievance with the teacher that took Trinity. I spoke to Sharon and she told me that Mr. Massey would call me back concerning the matter. On Jan 25, 2012, at 9am my sister sent me a link for the teacher’s husband, Facebook account (have copy) that Trinity was photoshopped into their family photo. This we felt was insensitive and could emotionally confuse Trinity suggesting that they are a “family unit”. Jan 25th at 1043am, I called and left a message with Brazosport ISD Secretary Sharon’s voicemail, asking to speak with Mr. Danny Massey. At 2:56 on the same day, I called and spoke to Mr. Massey’s secretary for eighteen minutes, explaining the situation. At 4:45pm I got a call from Mr. Massey on the same day. He did not think any laws were broken and said he could do nothing. 

The teacher went on to file a lawsuit against the biological father. We obtained these documents, again they were found through court research and not by her giving us prior knowledge. They were suing the biological father for custody (we have these documents filed with the court). This may be one of the reasons the why the biological father relinquished his rights to them? They only had met that one day. We do know that the biological father was convinced by the teacher and her husband that our father, Kenneth Richardson, had neglected Trinity to very extreme measures; five of our family members called the biological father to ask why he relinquished his rights to the teacher last minute instead of us (as per originally planned) and he gave very disturbing reasons; none of which were true! I blame the teacher's interference instead of contacting CPS for the further lose and split of my family. Not only did they put a Temporary Restraining Order against our deceased father but they slander him.

How can a teacher and principal not follow the Educators Code of Ethics and become personally involved? Through her actions my family has been torn apart. I myself study as an Educator at a Private Christian University. I am a proud member of the Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society for Educators. I am a military veteran and served my country honorably in the Air Force as a Police Officer as well as a Chaplain Assistant. I have earned a Meritorious Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal during my enlistment. I am appalled as a future Educator and as a citizen of this country, how my rights and Trinity’s rights could be so violated by an in-trusted state licensed official.

If the teacher acted on the belief that my sister Trinity was being neglected. She has then violated Family Code 261.001 “failed to report or has hindered the reporting of child abuse...”

I feel the teacher has also broken broken the following laws:

Texas Administrative Code Title 19 Education Part 7 SBEC Chapter 247 Educators Code of Ethics

Standard 1.1. The educator shall not intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly engage in deceptive practices regarding official policies of the school district, educational institution, educator preparation program, the Texas Education Agency, or the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and its certification process.Standard 3.3. The educator shall not intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly misrepresent facts regarding a student. 

Standard 3.8. The educator shall maintain appropriate professional educator-student relationships and boundaries based on a reasonably prudent educator standard

Standard 1.4. The educator shall not use institutional or professional privileges for personal or partisan advantage.
I’m sure the teacher has also broken certain FERPA Privacy laws that are required by the school to protect the privacy of a students. The teacher and her family posted on Facebook the personal private details of our sister and pictures of her. 

Standard 1.7. The educator shall comply with state regulations, written local school board policies, and other state and federal laws.

Standard 3.1. The educator shall not reveal confidential information concerning students unless disclosure serves lawful professional purposes or is required by law.

Standard 3.2. The educator shall not intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly treat a student or minor in a manner that adversely affects or endangers the learning, physical health, mental health, or safety of the student or minor.

Standard 3.8. The educator shall maintain appropriate professional educator-student relationships and boundaries based on a reasonably prudent educator standard.

The teacher has crossed the boundary of student-teacher and got involved in over family affairs. 

I feel she has also violated FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts Regulations 34 CFR 99 in which she displayed my sister's personal information on facebook with the local community to see.

The teacher and her family were also soliciting on Facebook for money but took down their site…

This site is asking for monetary donations, they have set up a bank account as well as an address where donations can be sent.

“Trinity Donation Account Details: 000056851-0 Texas Dow Employee's Credit Union. The Account is under (the teacher's name) .”

They have omitted Trinity from our life as well as the life of her biological sister and all of her family that she has known for her whole life. They have told us that Trinity does not know us... and because I am expressing my concern they have become hostile threatening me for slander but I speak the truth I have documents that speak the truth about what has happened. I am exercising my 1st amendment petition. I have not broken any laws. I am her concerned sister. I have lost my father, then my grandmother and his half ister took my father's belongings and now I am losing my sister. I am trying to keep our family together.

because I am speaking the truth they have become hostile and have begun poisoning our sister's mind against us. They told me that she does not know us which is not true. This worries me and I fear for her emotional wellbeing.


Nora Richardson

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