Save Our Seaweed

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Save Our Seaweed

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Dr. R. H. Seeley started this petition to Save Our Seaweed

Now that the State of Maine is preparing a statewide rockweed harvest management plan, it’s time to work toward protecting rockweed along the entire Maine coast.

If you support protecting rockweed habitat in Maine, please take action!

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Why save our seaweed?

Seaweed feeds and shelters ~150 species of fish and wildlife that form a food web in the coastal ecosystem. The seaweed is worth far more left alone where it belongs, supporting jobs in fisheries, tourism, and recreation, than in a factory being processed into fertilizer. There is no scientific evidence that rockweed harvesting is ecologically sustainable. 

*Are you a member of the public who is concerned about wildlife declines or marine habitat loss?

 *Are you a fisherman concerned about the impact of rockweed harvesting on fisheries?

*Are you a wrinkle harvester worried about losing your wrinkle resource?

*Are you a landowner who believes you have the legal right to protect your own seaweed?

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I support a moratorium against any further industrial-scale rockweed harvesting in Maine, until there is evidence that rockweed harvesting has

•          no negative impacts on other fisheries or on wildlife,

•          is declared a legal activity by the State of Maine, and

•          does not harm ecosystem function.

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This petition had 655 supporters