Save our seas and oceans from the hazardous underwater munitions before it is too late!

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Please sign our Petition of a United Nations Conference on Sea Dumped Weapons

Hello! I've started the petition "United Nations Secretary General: Call for an immediate United Nations Conference on Underwater Chemical, Radiological and Conventional Weapons dumped at sea to create a binding Treaty on for the environmental friendly clean-up of our ocean and seas." and need your help to get it off the ground. Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link: Here's why it's important: Promote the creation of an internationally binding treaty on all classes (biological, chemical, conventional, and radiological) of underwater munitions. This treaty would encourage countries to collaborate on underwater munitions policy, research, science, and responses including environmentally-friendly remediation in affected regions. The IDUM is an internationally recognized body where all stakeholders (diplomats, government departments including external affairs, environmental protection and fishery departments, industry, fishermen, salvage divers, oil and gas, militaries and others) can come together in an open and transparent forum to discuss underwater munitions, seek solutions, and promote international teamwork on their issues related to underwater munitions. The IDUM promotes constructive engagement with all stakeholders rather than disengagement so that we may learn from one another's situation and determine how we can best respond in the future with everyone's considerations. What we have learned is that off-the-shelf-technology, developed by the oil and gas industry and military's unmanned systems programs, does exist to address underwater munitions sites. And there is a "Need to clean" based on the potential human health and environmental impact on our health care systems and fish stocks. Underwater munitions in some form or another will continue to pollute the marine environment over time. It’s just a question of "When". Underwater Munitions are "Point Source Emitters of Pollution". In most cases, remove the source and you remove the problem. While governments debate policy on sea dumped weapons they continue at an alarming rate to pollute our ocean and seas. From the first world war up until the 1970's countries use our oceans and seas as a cheap means to dispose of their excess, obsolete, damaged and time expired munitions. For many years most militaries of the world collected dividends from these temporary disposals at sea. For in fact they never have been dispose of but strategically dumped in every access of our ocean. Some site measured in the 10,000's of tons that contain known human carcinogens such as TNT which breakdown product, DNT is also a human carcinogens that will persist in the marine environment for 1000's of years. CHEMSEA has found tumors in the fish with extra fish diseases and stress on the livers and kidneys in the munitions sites while outside the sites no impact was found in the fish. We are in a RACE...when the metals are gone we will have no way to detect the lumps of TNT. Its time for everyone to speak out for recovery of these point source emitter of pollution..... together we can save our seas and ocean... You can sign my petition by clicking here. Thanks! Terrace Patrick Long

Terrance P. Long
6 years ago