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Save our seas, oceans and waterways from synthetic microfibers!

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When washing clothing made from synthetic fibres – such as polyester, spandex, acrylic, PVC, nylon and fleeceeach wash releases around 700,000 microfibers to our lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. Microfibers are so small (< 5 millimeters long) that they are not caught by the wastewater treatment plants and consequently enter our natural waterways. In fact it is estimated that 85% of all human-made debris on shorelines worldwide are synthetic microfibers!

Aquatic organisms consume microfibers throughout the food chain and these particles have been found to cause physical and chemical impacts, resulting in starvation and reproductive problems. Microfibers have also been found in marine species directly consumed by humans, the effects of which are unknown. Microfibers are also abundant in our tap water. The average number of fibres found in each 500ml tap water sample ranged from 4.8 in the US to 1.9 in Europe.

We demand:

1) Tighten regulations on the basis of recent scientific insights about the dangers of microfibers in our seas, oceans and waterways.

2) Do more research about microfibers' impact on soil and the atmosphere.

3) Do more research about microfibers' impact on humans throughout the whole food chain.

Read whole article about the issue and some already present solutions here

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