Save Our Schools by performing external audit and investigation over spending abuses and any other discrepancies

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Save Our Schools by performing external audit and investigation over spending abuses and any other discrepancies

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Alan Wood started this petition to Mayor Robert Reichert and

Whether you live in Macon, Atlanta, New York, London or Tokyo, we need your help. We are trying to save our school system, so please take a moment and sign this petition. Help a community fight back for sanity and accountabilty in our schools and board of education. Only with enough signatures and attention will we have the leverage to force the board to call for an outside investigation. We want transparency and accountability. Help us save our schools!

If you are wondering why you should sign this petition, click the links below. This is the superintendent we are dealing with as well as a rubber stamping board of education that work for him instead of the citizens as it should be. Our superintendent has spent nearly as much time travelling all over the country and even the world dining on gourmet meals, staying at luxury hotels, while our students lack basic needs lke toilet paper or books. He claims that no good ideas can come from Macon or even the state of Georgia and this is why he travels. Wasn't he supposed to come into his new job two years ago with outside ideas from day one? He left his job and the people of Rochester, MN in a mess and now he is trying to do the same here in Georgia. Good teachers are leaving in droves, morale is down, dsicipline is non-existant, and people are afraid to speak out. The citizens of this community have had enough. No more!

No Confidence in Dallemand

Dallemand blows through $16 million in reserves by 2013

$5,000 Glass desk and whistleblower lawsuit: The Saga continues

Miracle or Mayhem for Macon, GA New plan

What are your trying to hide Dallemand?

Dallemand spent $11,100 in first six weeks of 2012 on Travel and lavish hotels and meals

Superintendent falsely represented himself on résumé as licensed therapist

New documents surface about Dallemand's background and 1st PCS complaint

Superintendent & two assistants travel to Belgium: Trip unrealted to education. Taxpayers foot the bill

Superintendent enjoys $170 meal of steak and crabtininis on trip while students have no toilet paper

Dallemand gives himself an A+ after first year with a 49% graduation rate

Lawsuit settled. District to pay $320,000  for former superintendent Dallemand lawsuit in Rochester

Dallemand want to pay thousands to bring in controversial Singleton's PEG Group

Dallemand's Macon Miracle exposed by local citizen activist

State asks Board to investigate complaints and Board president refuses

Macon Miracle or Macon Nightmare?

Dallemand recruits communist Chinese teachers while laying off American teachers

Dallemand want to hire oustide racist group to indoctrinate teachers with hate

Was the Assistant Superintendent caught cheating on homework?

Students speak out against Superintendent

Schools to face $9 million shortfall

Is there a conflict of interest with local elected officals?

Mayor supports plan but admits he hasn't even read the plan!

Student raped in school and superintendent and board seem flummoxed

Students plan protest of Dallemand

Parents, teachers, and citizens speak out about the Macon Mirage

Over $200,000 spent on planning session alone 


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This petition had 580 supporters

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