Review planning approval for petrol station and fast food restaurant in tiny welsh village

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Don't force our school children through a petrol station!

Our small Welsh villages of Blaengwrach and Cwmgwrach in Neath are about to be devastated by a major development aimed at passing traffic on the A465 through South Wales (P2017/0112).  The local authorities have approved the build of a petrol station and a fast food drive-through restaurant within 300m of our primary school and which will heavily impact the only entrance to our villages.  Our children will be exposed to heavy levels of traffic and diesel fumes and our public transport will not be so easily accessible.  This will force the only safe pedestrian route (and school route) actually through the petrol station forecourt!  The nearest house is just 10m away from this 24-hour retail development. The character of our mining community is about to be ruined for the sake of making other people richer.  We already have a petrol station across the road along with another fast food drive-through restaurant and both are already extremely busy.  By adding bigger versions of these at the entrance to our residential area, not only are local pedestrians being put in danger, but the house values have already dropped. 

We have been campaigning against this to our local authority for over a year however it is very clear that no consideration is being given to our community as the third party in this lucrative deal.  All of our complaints have been dismissed and we still have major safety concerns which are not being addressed.  We have sent a letter with more detail to your office and we implore you to read and acknowledge our appeal for fairness and objectivity in a review of this contentious decision.