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Save our Playhouse

Hi our names and Saudia and Mason. Ever since we were small we've wanted a tree house, but we lived in Arizona where there are no trees. We moved to California and our Grandpa and Daddy finally got to build one for us! It's not really a tree house, because Daddy says that would hurt the tree, but we like it anyway. Now the city of La Canada is asking us to take down our tree house because they're afraid that we're going to hurt the tree. We didn't put any nails or screws in the tree and we have plenty of room between the tree and our tree house to let the tree grow. Other kids in La Canada have tree houses too but no one is asking them to take theirs down -- and we don't want them too! We just want everyone to be able to keep their tree house, including us.

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    Stephen A. Del Guercio
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    Laura Olhasso
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    David Spence
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    Donald R. Voss
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    Michael T. Davitt

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