Save our Past-Ask UNESCO to include Mess Aynak on the list of endangered sites

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Mes Aynak

UPDATE: Our past efforts have helped stall mining! We thank you for it! Unfortunately the archaeological site of Mes Aynak is still in limbo... The great news is that today we are partnering up with others to continue to put pressure on UNESCO and the Government of Afghanistan to come up with a viable solution for Mes Aynak. Here are ways you can help: 1) Please continue to support our petition by inviting everyone you know to sign it: 2) Please also support the petition of Matin Wasei to President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani to act in tacking the necessary steps to protect Mes Aynak: 3) Please also support the indiegogo-campaign by Brent E. Huffman and join #SaveMesAynak Day! For more information, please visit: THANK YOU!

Nadia Tarzi
6 years ago