Save Our Parks

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According to the National Parks Corporation Association (NCPA), action must be taken to ensure a balance between visitation and preservation in our national parks. Hence, as students of St. Scholastica's Academy Marikina, we would like to bring forward the crucial interaction of people with nature in spaces like parks. 

Furthermore, the Philippines' national parks are arguably one of its greatest national treasures which provided a variety of benefits to the public and to the country's landscape. Additionally, a park does not require visitors to offer money such that anyone can visit parks for free or in exchange for a small fee. 

Despite all these, the country's national parks are under threat, and regardless of the long standing management, the parks are in perpetual danger of partial or total destruction by negative forces and even by people who love them.

On top of that, parks are pivotal to the healthy development of our city. Therefore, it should be a major part of any city planning going forward. Such that parks benefit everyone in the community. They benefit the economy in such ways that it provides a great advantage to citizens, both those who live nearby and tourists. Also, they provide habitats for many animals. And those are just a handful of reasons as to why we need to stand up for the parks in our communities. 


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