Save our Mother earth!

Save our Mother earth!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Iva Sumod

Don't you think that our Mother Earth is in danger? Every year it is flooding in one part of the earth and there is drought on the other side. Also global warming and climate changes are causing wide spread damages to our earth.To save the mother earth we need a good plan.

That is what I want to talk here.

#1 Please do plant a lot of flowers. without our precious flowers our bees and birds cannot collect nectar from them. Without flowers we don't get fruits and vegetables. when the bees do not pollinate flowers, we do not get any food and we will die without it, eventually. So thats why I think we should all plant flowers.

#2 don't cut the trees! First of all if you cut the trees we cannot breathe. we won't get enough oxygen when you all cut the trees. So then we die. Second of all , when you go to the Pizza place you get a cardboard box don't you? Well, the cardboard box you are holding is made out of tree which is cut down. but don't worry it is fine no need to panic! but after you eat the food don't just keep it or throw it in the other trash. throw it in the recycling bin because then it will go to the recycling center.  in the recycling center they will check the Pizza places company and then give it to them. then, pizza place will clean and reuse the cardboard box.So the idea is to keep reusing the item.

#3 Save the animals . Ok, in one of the last topics I told that we will die without food, right? Well, animals are also living beings, don't you think?   One example is put a bird feeder and a little water out so a bird can have food. Try not to pluck flowers, since they have the food(nectar) so many birds need. Also when you cut down trees it ruins their habitat and they will die without a home to live in.

#4 Do not Litter! Littering can cause lot of problems such as animal death, not good for plants and not even good for us. Let's start with animal death . Well when you eat or drink anything PLEASE put it in the garbage can. While I was hiking the other day, I saw a lot of litter on the trail. So please do not litter . It might make animals think it is food and they will eat it and that will kill them. If you litter next to plants the toxins that litter creates will affect the soil and the plant will die.  Sometimes, people throw litter with food in it and after about 3-4 weeks it will turn to mold, causing more damage.

#5 Please stop using Plastic! Well , it is ok  if you really need the plastic but, if you just keep it there it will be bad for the environment because you cannot compost plastic. Plastic takes a looong long time to break into smaller fragments. And until then, it would be staying around everywhere we dispose. So same thing here, it will cause damage to flowers , pets, and maybe even us. Do you know, so much plastic has been disposed in the ocean and the fishes accidentally eat them or get stuck in them. So let's not buy too much plastic in the first place. 

Ok i am done with my topics . If I win, we are saving our mother earth. But if I lose, our earth will have so much death and sadness. So please take care of the earth, it will mean so much to me. Thank you so much for your support, Iva

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!