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Save our Mother Nature

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We have become so careless about our mother nature that we don't want to think even once about the environment. We use plastics, we leave the electrical energy being wasted, we don't care about pollution, we can't help littering, and the list is unending.

What does it take? Strict administration & then, each and every concerned citizen's right action count. Be it the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, where citizens are doing a cleanup act themselves, or mapping garbage spots using the phone App, or signing this petition, people are making a difference. What can you do? First, sign the petition now. Then get all at home to do the same. Finally, share the petition.

Let us vow to make a change, a change for our mother earth.

The recent example of smog in New Delhi is an example of our carelessness.

If a single person turns the electricity off before leaving the place and goes for 10 hours, they save approximately a minimum of 1 KWH of power. If only 100 people do so, a poor's house can be lightened for one month. Small things make a big difference. We are so bound to plastics that we can't stop their use suddenly, but we can at least reduce their usage. We leave the engine of vehicles turned on which lead to wastage of fuel and incremented pollution level as well. The most wasted resource is water. There are certain areas which don't even have an appropriate water level. Also, we throw the garbage wherever we want. Here people themselves create problems and then blame others. All these things are taught in 4th or 5th grade, but we still don't obey them. Taking baby steps can help us save a lot of resources.



Is it too late to take a step against pollution?

Is it too late to save our environment?

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