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The students have spoken and their voices should be heard! Farmington High is opening August 2018. As the school has neared completion a poll and survey were sent out to the students and community of the future school as to what the name, colors, and mascot would be. This included Farmington, Centerville and Kaysville Utah. This has been an exciting time for the kids as they will be the first to step foot in a school they were allowed to name and decorate. There were many choices, but ultimately Phoenix won by a landslide. My daughter, being one of those first kids to get to attend the school was excited that she would soon be a Phoenix! Sadly, Kyle Fraughton, who wanted the Eagles to win, set out to ruin the reputation of the Phoenix. He called local and national news media and claimed that he and a few of his neighbors were in fact offended because Phoenix sounds to him like a part of the male genitalia. Suddenly our beautiful town was put under a microscope and the residents here looked like crazy people! I assure you only Kyle and his few followers really think Phoenix sounds dirty. Shame on them! Well, his media frenzy didn't work and the construction of the school has continued.  My daughter and I even received a list of classes the school will offer with the Phoenix on the letterhead! She loved to see her beautiful mascot and is so excited for the new year to begin. However, Kyle Fraughton, in a childish attempt to still get his way, has joined forces with the mayor of Farmington to try and stop the use of the Phoenix as our mascot. The mayor put out a newsletter stating that he believes the Eagle should be chosen and that Phoenix does, in fact, sound dirty. We already have a school in Farmington with the Eagle as its mascot, Eagle Bay Elementary. He also claims that he has had several meetings with the County School Board and the Superintendent to force the mascot change. What a terrible abuse of office! He is starting to look like a DIRTY POLITICIAN! Please sign our petition to keep the mascot that won fair and square and let the students know that their voices will be heard! We should not let the two men who are sore losers decide the fate of the Mascot that won the poll and survey in a fair contest. Sign and save the Phoenix!

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