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ACADEMIC MITIGATION - Update and How You Can Help

Firstly, THANK YOU for your support - we've passed 15k signatures!  LIKE and FOLLOW Students For Academic Mitigation on Facebook and Twitter (@S4AMOfficial).  If you are a UK university student - please GET IN TOUCH! We can provide video graphics, statements and advice on how to pressure your individual university . As a slowly growing list of universities issue statements that they will reconsider academic mitigation policies, the majority continue to resist. We need to be clear: we understand that no-detriment policies as we knew them last year are not possible because the algorithm benchmark relied on the average grade achieved pre-pandemic. Because this whole academic year has been affected there is no applicable data to make an algorithm like there was for a pre-pandemic benchmark. Students for Academic Mitigation acknowledge this and are asking universities to explore other new options, NOT the old algorithm. Other universities have proposed new policies and we are asking that all UK universities do the same. Ideally, the governing bodies of Higher Education would step in and implement consistent policies across the sector. However, last night the Russell Group issued a joint statement saying that they do not think no-detriment policies are necessary this year. THEY ARE WRONG and we need your help to show them that new protective policies need to be implemented this year! Remember: LIKE and FOLLOW Students For Academic Mitigation on Facebook and Twitter (@S4AMOfficial). GET IN TOUCH if you are a student. And most importantly SHARE THIS PETITION!!  Thank you again for your support    

Isabella Enoizi
2 years ago