Save our Farmstands

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We petition the Town of New Milford Connecticut ( Members of Town Council, and the Mayor) to add farmstands to the right to farm ordinance.

 We the people want Members of the Town Council,  to make the neccessary changes to allow farmers to operate their farmstands without interference from zoning. 

These farmstands are what carried our town through the pandemic and the recent storms. Many residents sought refuge and comfort knowing that down the road was a local food source.

What a shame it would be to see them close, due to the hardships set forth by the Town of New Milford's Zoning Department. 

Farmstands are an integral part of our rural way of life. Now is the time to STAND behind our local agricultural community, and to have a voice to show them as a community what they mean to us!

We emplore the Town Council, and the Mayor of The Town of New Milford to issue an executive order to add farmstands to THE RIGHT TO FARM!