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For building height reference, the above Wineman Hotel is 45 feet tall

Dear Save Our Downtown Supporters & Concerned Citizens:  
Currently, the San Luis Obispo Planning Commission may approve a maximum building height of 75’ or approximately 7-8 stories in height and mass. We are therefore contemplating moving forward on a height initiative to reduce the maximum building height within the Downtown Core.

This is what we love most about Downtown San Luis Obispo: 

Small town charm and ambiance                
Ideal climate & access to sun, sky & hills        
Street trees                                      
Creekside walk and restaurants                  
Walkable atmosphere       
Diverse shopping opportunities                 
Locally-sourced goods and services          
1-3 story historic architecture      

But with taller buildings come higher rents resulting in the loss of:  small town charm + easy access to nature + views of the hills + beautiful street trees + access to sun & sky + family-friendly atmosphere + historic buildings Downtown + stores offering locally sourced goods and services. Given all the downsides of taller buildings, why don’t we ask the City Council to revisit this height ordinance? Sadly, over the past three years direct appeals from the public have not gone well (see below for a list of lost appeals) and to make matters worse appeal fees have gone from $291 to $623. We need to empower our voters and give voice to our concerns about the future of our downtown.

Save Our Downtown would like to initiate a dialogue with you by asking you to sign this petition. We thank you in advance for taking the time to do this.

We can't do this alone. We need your help. So we have two questions for you:

Would you endorse a direct initiative on the 2018 or 2020 ballot that would set a maximum height of 50 feet or three stories to all buildings in the Downtown core?

Do you want to join us in this effort?

If you agree to endorse and/or help us in this effort, please sign this petition!

Allan Cooper, Secretary, Save Our Downtown, San Luis Obispo, CA
The following is a list of project appeals submitted to the City by neighborhood groups in San Luis Obispo over the past three years. All of these were overruled by our Council: Monterey Place at 667 Monterey Street: Monterey Hotel at 1845 Monterey Street; Discovery SLO at 1144 Chorro; 85 Buena Vista; 22 Chorro Street; 1042 Olive Street; 560 Higuera Street; and 71 Palomar Street.