Save our dog from euthanasia

We adopted Hank on January 17, 2017.  On May 7, 2017, detectives from the Sheriff's Department  came and snatched him away without an explanation.  It took a lot of tenacity and investigating to even find out Hank's story.  I made a webpage to tell his story -- it's complicated.

 When Judge Buzzard handed down his decision in Lewis County District Court on June 19, it was appalling that he didn’t consider the newly approved Ordinance 1275, which was initiated because of Hank, nor any of the new evidence that was presented to him – a video showing that Hank was not aggressive towards the goat or the declaration signed by an eyewitness to the incident that Hank did not kill the goats nor hurt the pony. 

Judge Buzzard said he didn’t believe the new evidence, and the only reason Hank hadn’t hurt or killed another animal was because he was locked up at the animal shelter.  It was because of his sweet disposition that my family adopted him in the first place.  Judge Buzzard clearly omitted in his decision the part of Hank’s life when he lived with me and my husband and then with my son and grandson, Jason and Buddy.  Hank is not a dangerous animal; he has never showed any aggression -- not even one time to any animal or person.

Judge Buzzard ordered Hank euthanized by Wednesday, June 21.  Adam Karp was quick to file a new motion in Superior Court, speak with Judge Lawler and within a couple hours, Hank was given a 30-day stay.  

Hank has this last chance -- the hard work to save this precious dog begins again.

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    Superior Court Judge Lawler
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