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SAVE our Civil War monuments! Ask President Trump to put them under FEDERAL PROTECTION.

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As we speak American history is under attack. Our Civil War monuments are being removed and/or vandalized by those who seek to EDIT them OUT of our country's history.
Rogue Mayors across America are ordering the removal of these US VETERAN monuments. They have taken the side of a small minority of violent anarchists while disrespecting the vast majority of law abiding American citizens who do NOT support their removal. These monuments to our veterans of the Confederacy deserve preservation as they are part of the story of our country.
We cannot tell our story with integrity if we don't tell it HONESTLY.
We must not allow peddlers of revisionist history to sanitize how and why we are the great country we have become. The Civil War was undoubtedly one of the darkest times in our country's history. However, contrary to what some believe, slavery was not the primary reason behind it. The Civil War was fought primarily because of the North's stranglehold on the South through unfair tariffs.
Poor Southerners who gave their lives on those battlefields did so to free the South from the unfair taxation keeping them poor, NOT to protect the institution of slavery that benefited only a minority of rich men. The issue of slavery was used by rich men on BOTH sides as a bargaining chip. Did you know that there were 451,021 slaves counted in the 1860 census in UNION states and territories?
Another little known fact: the Confederate Army was made up of White, Black, Indian, Mexican, French, Spanish and Italian soldiers, not just White men as some would have us believe. These American people of color also believed in the cause of the Confederacy and fought and died for that cause. Does it make sense that Southern Blacks would fight to keep themselves slaves? No, it does not.
CHILDREN as young as 8 years old also fought and died for the Confederacy.
The Left does not want you to know the TRUTH or their REAL agenda. 
They've stated their goal is to remove ALL symbols of what they see as White supremacy; which includes America's Founders and Presidents.
They see the success of removing these Confederate monuments as a way to kick the door open....WIDE OPEN
We MUST NOT allow this attack on our country, it's people or our history.
The memories and sacrifices of ALL Confederate Veterans deserve our RESPECT and PROTECTION. 

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