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Save OUR Children Initiative - Save OUR Children...Save OUR Future!!!

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The issue of school and community violence continues to threaten the well-being of individuals, families and communities and youth violence inhibits the means for achieving academic and social success for OUR children. As we see on television, children across the nation are unnecessarily traumatized and/or victimized each day by crime and gun violence. However, far too frequently here in Palm Beach County, youth are dying due to gun violence and these murdered children’s, untimely, deaths are untelevised and their murders are often unsolved, deepening the wounds of their surviving loved ones, as in the case with Aareyun James only 19 years old and brutally murdered by multiple gun shots. In many areas, as in Palm Beach County, a black male has a greater chance of being a homicide victim rather than graduating high school.

Save OUR Children Initiative is a community-based initiative designed to identify and alleviate the root causes of individual and environmental issues associated with crime and violence in order to promote healthier and safer communities for OUR children. The safety and well-being of OUR youth must remain of greatest importance. We declare that OUR children deserve the hope and dreams of higher education and parents should not bear the burden and nightmares of burying OUR children. Save OUR Children Initiative is dependent on partnerships with politicians, law enforcement agencies, community service agencies, private businesses, resident leaders and individuals to be a part of a community task group to identify, address and alleviate the root causes (in targeted neighborhoods) which contributes to: teen pregnancy, risky life choices, minimal education, unemployment, high crime rates, violence, homicides and a cycle of poverty. By signing this petition, we are requesting that elected officials and law enforcement agencies join our efforts to target urban areas with the goal of providing an increase in resources and opportunities for PBC residents to decrease violence and crimes which is plaguing our communities.

We the people pose that elected officials support Lend A Hand Corporation’s Save OUR Children Initiative to demonstrate a unified collaborative structure to promote anti-violence efforts to Save OUR Children as we individually and collectively stand against violence in our homes, our neighborhoods and our communities as we work together to decrease youth violence, improve the safety of our children and enhance the quality of life for children and families, promoting a safer healthier community in which children can thrive in. We urge you to act quickly, in loving memory of Aareyun James, to stop the epidemic of youth and community violence by supporting Lend A Hand Corporation’s effort to "Save OUR Children".