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Save our Children from heavy school bags!

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I always felt that my child is carrying a very heavy school bag. I check her timetable and then the bag set for another day. Books were according to that only. On having a closer look at timetable revealed that almost all subjects are there on every day (with an exception of one maybe). Each subject having one book and one notebook. Add to that the weight of tifin, diary, stationery items including crayons.

I took this matter with school authorities but they said I am over reacting. But how is this possible! My child is carrying a school bag with a weight of more than 25% of her body. I just did some research online and found that the child should not carry a weight more than 10% of the body. This is the maximum limit. Then I found this link and I think this was a great move. Maharashtra cuts school bag burden, caps load at 10% of child’s body weight

But then why there is still no rule at a national level? If it is there then why are schools not following it? If the schools are following the norms then why is my child carrying so much burden.

There are severe effects of carrying so much weight on shoulders. We all know this but if you read this research paper, you will be shocked that we are ignoring this till today. According to this research paper, "Backpack load of even 5% of body weight can significantly change trunk and lower limb angles and 15% of backpack load changes all the angles pertaining to head, neck, trunk, and lower limb and affects overall posture"

Please also go through the links in this Google Search to find our more on effects of carrying a heavy school bag. Earlier I just felt but now, I know it is very dangerous.


With this petition, I request the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Boards of Education in India to:

  1. Put a cap on maximum weight of school bags as per class/age/weight of child.
  2. Make this effective in a period of one month as no fresh guidelines are required. They just need to issue a circular to all affiliated schools.
  3. Put an end to heavy mandatory school bags.
  4. Put an end to heavy book bindings without which the books are not even made available.


I request each and every parent to sign this petition and support themselves and their children.


Thank you All....Hope you get the gravity of this problem.




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