Save Nithm

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We the students of NITHM, Gachibowli- Hyderabad have an appeal to make.
For the last 2 weeks we are fighting against injustice and a goal, which is the removal of the Director of our college, S.Chinnam Reddy.
We mutually agree on the fact that we are facing many problems because of him. He is the younger brother of Sheri Subash Reddy, who stands as a P.A for Shri KCR, Chief Minister of Telangana.
Many of us feel victimised because Chinnam Reddy abuses us verbally using unparliamentary words.
On late arrival to the classes, we are forced to do painful physical activities.
The JNTU examination pattern is being constantly changed according to his will. On being asked, he bluntly replies "I am in contact with KCR. No one can stand against me." And the next moment we are asked to leave without a proper explanation.

We are also ashamed to report that he has installed CCTV cameras in the women's hostel which is more then for security purposes. The maximum number of cameras are found in the women's restrooms.

Let us enlighten you on the major issues.
On 21st of April 2018 at 3:30 A.M about 150 members of the police force dragged
Some of the students from the college and hostel in a DCM and taken to Moinabad Police Station. There were about 68 students who became a victim and were dumped in the P.S. As per news reports 3 of the students were taken in an ambulance but they never reached the Hospital. The students were taken to Narsingi P.S.
Very cunningly the Police threatened the families of the students to take their wards back home without uttering a word against them. They were forced to admit that they had undergone treatment in the Hospital which is false.
We are jeopardized. We aren't allowed to raise our voices for our own rights. We are threatened with the warnings of FIR against us and a 3rd degree treatment if we continue to do so.
We are trying to make an effort. We are trying to stand up for ourselves. But we don't see anyone reaching out to help us. We don't see the T.S government taking an action.
This article is to make you aware. We need help, and you are who can help us. Kindly help us in making this a National call for assistance.