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Save NHS Staff Spouse from being forced to live a lonely existence

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Grant my spouse application as we meet all the requirements and are being refused for no valid reason. 

My name is Juliet Alaro, and I live in Lancashire, UK. I am a Law abiding UK British born national working for the NHS for the past 17 years.  I met my husband Akeem in the UK we had a Nikkah (Muslim) marriage in 2013.  However my husband only had a visitors visa, and our first application for leave to remain was refused on the grounds that that the foreign office do not recognise other religeous/civil ceromonies.

I therefore traveled to Nigeria and had a formal legal marriage in 2015, and Applied for a spouse visa and was refused even though everything was in order.  We was treated with complete disregard to our human rights. We waited 18 months for our appeal to be even heard in court. During which time there was significant family events and even deaths that we missed enduring together. My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and they refused to expedite the appeal case, which subsequently meant my husband missing the funeral and not being there to support myself during my grieving. My son, Akeem’s step son got married and now has a little boy of 9 months.  Akeem has never met his grandson and all contact has been over video calls only.

Being a Law abiding UK British born national, I could not have foreseen the amount of negativity I would receive from the Home Office during the appeal court hearing, I was bullied and harassed by the Home Office solicitors for over an hour and treated like a criminal, simply for loving someone of a different colour/creed than myself.  We have done nothing wrong we meet all their criteria and are a completely legitimate couple.  We are in contact at every opportunity, yet we are treated with such contempt.

I travelled to South Africa so we could spend time together and used the whole of my annual leave to spend time together.  They said that I have sufficient funds and holiday entitlement to travel more, but how do they know that, without checking the particulars of my specific case.

I cannot travel to Akeem’s country of origin as it is too dangerous.  I had explained the reasons and the poor experience I endured, when I visited in 2015.  I think that being threatened by immigration officials with AK47s and the other governmental officials so they can receive a bribe are good enough reasons for not wanting to return. This year alone 4 Britons were kidnapped there whilst volunteering, and one individual - Ian Squire sadly did not return alive. 

The representative from the home office set out to discredit Akeem, and his intentions towards me.  It appears that the judge was highly influenced, and ignored all the evidence I supplied to the contrary.  Amazingly the judge agrees that we are in  frequent contact with each other but dismisses it with statements like “the appellant stands to gain a lot from regular contact” and goes on to say that my husbands intentions are not honorable, making the judge jury & executioner without even letting him speak for himself.

There is many serious errors of fact during the appeal that have contributed significantly to the decision to disregard our right to a family life.

To add to this the home office have lost our entire file so the decision making on any future appeals or tribunals are significantly impeded by this fact because they cannot cross reference any of my case details, surely there should be some accountability for misplacing such an important bundle of documents.

For the reason above I don’t feel we had a fair trial, our appeal was dismissed that we do not meet article 8 - a subsisting family life.  We are now waiting on a date for the Upper tier tribunal which according to my local MP, was meant to received by the 13 November 2017, As I am writing this petition it is over a week late.

I enjoy my work at the NHS, hence the 17 years of service, and would like to continue to serve my country for many years to come.

We would dearly love to spend a christmas or aniniversary together as a normal family.  We have missed so many key moments of each others lives already, and heartfully ask you to support our petition to the Home Office to allow us to be reunited.

Thank you in advance

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