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José E. Serrano’s response

Jan 17, 2018 — Thank you for joining this petition and standing with me and millions of Americans in strong support of Net Neutrality. A free, fair, and open internet is essential to our way of life and economy, and we must continue the fight to protect it.

As a member of Congress representing the South Bronx, a community predominantly made up of Latinos and African Americans, overturning Net Neutrality will disproportionately hurt underserved people of color who continue to face systemic barriers in most aspects of life. An open internet allows these communities equal access to cultural programming, online services that meet their unique needs, education and training benefits, employment opportunities, and the ability to connect with loved ones near and far. These working families rely on equal access to the internet in order to be successful in business, school, and life. We must never allow corporations the power to determine what online services and content Bronxites and Americans all across the country are able to access of their own free will, or choose who can gain access because of their ability to pay.

I’m proud to be working with an organization called Full Color Future — a group of innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and advocates of color who believe the Internet provides unprecedented opportunity to build businesses, share stories, and spark movements for justice. If you agree with their mission, add your name to their petition to save neutrality as well:

In Congress, I have been a staunch defender of the 2015 rules reclassifying broadband services under Title II of the Communications Act. I have joined many of my House Democratic colleagues on numerous letters and bills defending Net Neutrality. Over the summer, I introduced an amendment in the Appropriations Committee to prevent Chairman Pai and the FCC from using federal funds to undermine, weaken, or overturn these rules. After Republicans on the Committee rejected my amendment, I tried to bring the same amendment to the House floor, only to have House Republicans prevent my amendment from coming up for a vote. While these attempts were not successful, I believe this fight is too important to give up.

The FCC’s vote to overturn the 2015 rules on Net Neutrality, and effectively hand over control of online content to Internet Service Providers and big corporations, was a huge step back for equality and fairness. However, the fight is not over. My colleagues in Congress and I will continue fighting to keep the internet open for you and all Americans.

I hope you will remain in the fight with me.

Rep. Jose Serrano