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Cory A. Booker’s response

Jul 17, 2017 — The internet as we know it is at stake, but your voice can help save it.

The FCC is actively trying to roll back net neutrality rules and allow big, wealthy broadband providers to control how you browse the internet—how fast certain websites will load or even what content is available to you.

Rolling back net neutrality will have real life consequences. It will hurt access to jobs and education, hamper small business growth, hamstring innovation, and much more.

But we’ve been here before—it was only a few short years ago that people like you led the charge in demanding that regulators preserve net neutrality. We won that battle, and now we need to do it again against the big internet companies, President Trump and Congressional Republicans who are all in favor of tearing down the free and open internet in order to make even bigger profits.

If you agree that we should continue demanding a free and open internet for all, please join me:

And if you’re on Facebook, please consider watching and sharing this video I recorded with Senator Brian Schatz explaining what’s at stake with net neutrality and how you can help in this fight:

Thank you for signing this petition, and for taking action to protect the free and open internet.

Cory Booker
U.S. Senator, New Jersey