Save Narrandera's Trees

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Please help stop the local council from cutting down the town’s remarkable 90+-year-old street trees.

Narrandera, known as the Town of Trees, is a lovely old town on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in south western NSW.

It gets its moniker from the many big beautiful old trees that line the streets - mostly 90+-year-old London plane trees, as well as some stately old Kurrajong and cedar trees. 

The current Narrandera Council is planning to cut down many of these significant trees as part of its Narrandera Business Centre upgrade, and is neglecting and threatening the rest. 

Why? Council doesn't like the tree maintenance or having to work around them. Council’s primary focus is to make its own job easier, with no understanding of the high value of these prized town assets. Trees of this size provide many human health and economic benefits - the shade alone can reduce summer daytime temperatures by over 10 degrees, which is much-needed in this part of the world where temperatures regularly push 45 °C. Double that for a parked car.

So, you get the gist.  As they are, these 90+-year-old trees are irreplaceable. The removal of them is unnecessary and irresponsible, and it should not go ahead.

Please support this petition to Narrandera Shire Council’s General Manager, George Cowan, and Mayor, Neville Kschenka, to preserve the town’s significant public and private trees - especially the big old London plane trees slated for removal as part of the Narrandera Business Centre upgrade.

As a matter of urgency, we want Council to stop its plan to cut down these trees, and apply to have all the town’s old street trees on the Heritage List. We also want Council to set up a tree preservation order that specifies which public and private trees are covered. 

As the Town of Trees, how could Narrandera Council do anything less?

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