Save Nafasat From LEUCAEMIA B TYPE

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Help NAFASAT To Save Him


"NAFASAT" he read in class-Nursery. He is a Student of Navy Anchorage School and College Chittagong, also a Teacher's child. Last 6 months he was in wrong treatment and finally it is found that he is suffering from LEUCAEMIA B TYPE. Now it became severe and became the reason for not producing blood in his body. His body is having a low amount of WBC and platelets. Now he is taking treatment IN CRISTIAN HOSPITAL VELLORE India and doctor said it will take around 30lac to recover, which is so costly and not affordable for his Family.
That's why we are the Anchorage Teachers at your doorstep for ur support.

Your little contribution can make difference.

This could be one of Us.
Please, help him to live
May the Allah save all of us from such diseases.

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SIRAJUM MUNIRA A/C NO - 0029-0310052473 (Saving account)
Trust Bank Ltd
Naval Based Branch

Bkash (personal) - 01835694970(Tamanna)

রকেট (DBBL) - 018397131350 (Sabrina)

Khairun Nasrin  A/C No - 126.151.110086                                                            Dutch Bangla Bank Limited 
Elephant road branch, Dhaka