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Save My Name Is Earl

November 7, 2022
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Started by ronan manoske

My Name is Earl Reunion Panel Question/Response

With now over 17 years passing since the show “My Name is Earl” first aired, today we start a petition to get our beloved show reconsidered for another season or a miniseries so we can get the ending we all wanted so badly for the show.

The show was sadly canceled in 2009 by NBC who so far hasn’t given a great explanation as to why. Seemingly ratings or viewership may have changed from season to season but overall left everyone in shock when it got the axe. Greg Garcia the shows creator/one of the writers had tried pitching the show to several different streaming services to try and have the show picked back up and continued but they all seem to have passed on the offer at the time. 

On November 5, 2022, at Rhode Island comic con there was a “My Name is Earl” reunion panel as well as autographs and photo ops of course. During the panel I asked Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee “if the show ever got renewed would you guys pick that back up or is it a thing of the past”. Ethan Suplee responded with “100%, yeah, we would both, we would do it. By the way everyone in the cast and Greg Garcia everyone would do it. I think the question of doing it is the studio. Jason Lee also responded with “Yeah, I mean listen honestly, Greg did some shopping around and for whatever reason everybody passed. Hulu passed, Netflix passed, everybody passed. So, I mean look, even if I would do like a two-parter on just for the Internet you know just do like, just to kind of show, you know maybe like all these years later you check back in, and Earl has like one last thing on his list to do. Do you know what I mean, like there’s got to be a way to do it even if it’s just on YouTube. So, I don’t know like everybody or like pretty much everybody turned us down for one reason or another”. At the top of the petition has the link to the video.

today I am starting this petition because of its many fans who continue to love the series all these years later. So many of us who have watched the show the first time we’re devastated when we got to the end of season four’s cliffhanger only to find out that the show was canceled, and its last episode aired on May 14, 2009. I believe the show really has done a lot of good for its audience as most people who have seen the show have nothing but good things to say earning at some high ratings from audiences and critics. The show even inspired sum to make a list of their own according to Jason Lee.

I really do believe in this for all of us. With the amount of people who attended the panel showing they still love and support the show at a comic con in the smallest state in the United States. The amount of Earl costumes I saw at the convention, and hearing Jason Lee talk about how fans still direct message him on social media asking him what happened to the show. It all shows me that we need this, and I’m willing to fight for this for all of us!

The only thing I ask of you if you have read this far because you love the show or even if you’re just finding out about it. Please sign and share our petition so we can try and get this out there for networks or somebody to help produce it! It would mean a lot to all of us fans and honestly probably the cast and creators as well as they never got a proper way to end the show. 

Check out our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates and knowledge of what is happening with this petition. You can find us on Instagram @save_earlhickey.



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Info about me in this journey I’m taking:

I will be doing some conventions around the east coast time to time. So, if you ever see my costume as Earls mug shot with save my name is Earl on the back feel free to come and say hi or take a photo of the fit!


Currently I study at Full Sail University online for a cinematography bachelors degree and should graduate spring 2024. I’m hoping with this journey if I can get enough attention and get it off the ground. Then maybe, I can help on the show in some capacity because that would be an absolute dream of mine. Especially because it’s my favorite sitcom of all time with me wanting to watch it at least three times a year.

my name is Ronan and I hope to get this off the ground you guys thanks for all the help and support! 


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Signatures: 135Next Goal: 200
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