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At the end of this day ten families will lose a loved one and at least another ten will suffer from a severe injury with possible loss of limbs.

One day it could be you or worst your loved one.

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Save Mumbai Local
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From you we have only one expectation i.e. to introduce Uniform (Cyclic) Time Tables on Mumbai Suburban Railways as per rules 801-804 under Indian Railway Act read with its section 57. It will ensure limited loading on all services, uniform frequency and safe travel for all commuters at all times.

2. When it was tried last as Cyclic Time Table, it was universally acclaimed on Western Railway and satisfactorily in operation on Central Railway’s Harbour line for over a decade.

3. It is cost effective as well as time effective. You can introduce it on all three suburban railways even from 01.04.2013.

4. The present time tables are hazardous killing 6-8 people every day and Maiming hundreds.

5. It will substantially increase railway revenue.

6. It will improve the quality of life of every Mumbaikar since rail line is Mumbai’s life line. All Mumbaikar would bless you forever.

7. Recently, you increased rail fares steeply and increased our hardships. However if you could make Sub. Commuting safe as possible under such a Time Table, it will reduce our pinch.

8. This is an AAM AADAMI’s (Common Man’s) request. Will you be able to meet it?

With best of wishes to all Rly passengers under your stewardship, I am,