Save Ms Thiemann

Save Ms Thiemann

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Superintendent Mr. Haines

Why this petition matters

Started by Melissa Denino

Please sign the attached petition in support of having a Middle School Principal position and our beloved Ms. Thiemann

Save Ms Thiemann

The issue-
Resolution 223- No Middle School Principal

I encourage all parents and children of kids that will be in Middle School shortly, currently in middle school and those that have graduated to attend Wednesday nights meeting and sign this petition and give their voice.
Personal feelings and agendas have always fueled the decisions in this district instead of what is actually best for our children. We have scene this so many times and one of the main reasons our district is in the situation that it is in.
How can one principle handle the needs of middle school and high school ? The answer is they can’t. The needs of middle school children adjusting to an environment they should not be in with high school students to the standards they have not been prepared for school work wise ( moving to 7th grade) or emotionally yet.
What will happen is the middle school will once again be the land of the lost souls again. Low participation in activities, clubs and sports. Dropping grades and behavioral issues.
No focus on their needs, activities for them, support of them and just drifting for two years hoping they land some place with a life jacket in high school. Two years lost, no buffer, no support, no direction and no adjustment.
For the NEW superintendent to make such a suggestion reflects on his lack of knowledge on the district.
But what we do know is the asset she is to this district. What she has done for the district. The dedication for the last 20 years. The positive changes she has made for the middle school to actually help make it separate as much as possible even being in the same building as the high school. And to make the strides she has made while navigating COVID. She made sure no child was left behind. She is the first one to step in step up and show up.
Football games she is there. School play she is there. Cheer competition she is there. Awards dinner she is there. Parent dies she is there. What she gives is above and beyond the call of duty
Come and Support our beloved Ms. Thieman. Fight for your childrens needs. Fight for what is best for the kids.


582 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!