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Progress is good - sometimes.

In the case of Armadale's Morey Street / Kings Arcade heritage retail district, progress is killing the small, family-run businesses and hurting our once thriving community. Collectively, dozens of people are facing the prospect of unemployment and these business owners are are looking down the barrel of closure and ruin. 

Construction work has gone ahead for over a year with total disregard to existing small businesses and their livelihood - causing financial loss, stress, frustration and fear. There has been a lack of respect not only from the developer and construction company, but from the local Stonnington council. 

Money and progress mean more to these people than community and compassion. Despite many efforts to communicate and negotiate with the construction company that is ruining our community, our pleas have gone ignored. 

Please join us, concerned local citizens, in this David v Goliath fight as we attempt to save the businesses we love, their employees, and our community.. 


The ongoing and delayed construction - by Benson's Property Group and Marcus Group - of the Chronicle "luxury" apartment complex is causing a major disruption to our neighbourhood and killing business - and destroying our livelihoods. 

Construction began in July 2017 and was estimated to finish in December 2018, but is now tipped to *maybe* end in March 2019. Maybe. We simply won't last that long. The Marcus Group has done nothing to support us despite having an office (the vacated Seed store) opposite our businesses. Attempts to reason with or negotiate with The Marcus Group have fallen on deaf ears.

The cafe 'Walk Don’t Run' has lost 50% of their customers in the past year because their outdoor seating has been ruined by noise and dust. The physiotherapist 'Core' cannot provide clients with a calming therapeutic environment due to the constant noise and has had to deal with falling debris and dust coming through their roof.

Customers and employees alike are being effected daily by the lack of parking. All of the parking in the area, including public parking lots and the few street parking spots outside the retail strip is being used to its capacity by trucks, construction vehicles and cars belonging to the tradesmen. Parking inspections are suddenly non-existent and the tradesmen are using 2hr spots for entire days, leaving zero parking for patrons or locals.

Road closures and blocks result in patrons choosing alternatives to visiting our shopping strip.

Elderly patrons who previously parked close by no longer frequent our businesses because they cannot walk far. 

Several employees and customers who have managed to find occasional parking have reported damage to their cars by heavy vehicles.


Stonnington Council

1. The Stonnington Council to immediately police the parking situation and make sure there is ample parking available for patrons and locals. We ask for multiple daily parking inspections to put a stop to construction workers using our 2hr spots all day.

2. Moving forward we ask that Stonnington Council does not approve 24 hour parking permits to the dozens of residents that will move into the Chronicle building but instead limits their RVP resident permits to overnight parking only.

3. We ask Stonnington council to repave the street, revegetate the area and erect outdoor seating in Morey Street to help create community again.

Marcus Group

1. We ask Marcus Group to provide alternative parking for its employees offsite and no longer take up all available parking for customers, business employees and locals.

2. While the High Street construction facade has discreet painted wooden panels, the Morey Street side has metal fences with patchy black mash and advertisements boards which are an eyesore and do not effectively protect us from dust and noise. We ask Marcus Group to replace the eyesore fencing and erect something more pleasant to look at - something that may help contain some dust and noise. No advertisements, no ugly chain fencing. 

3. We ask Marcus Group to perhaps frequent all the Morey St businesses, or make a contribution towards their rent, or change their hours, or... anything to help them stay afloat in the many more months they plan on continuing this construction.

Benson's Property Group

1. We want Benson's, the owners of the Chronicle, to work with us to make conscientious choices about what types of businesses they rent their retail spaces to - businesses that will compliment and enhance our street and not directly compete with current establishments. Small and interesting stores that add vibrancy, not chain stores that can afford exorbitant rents yet add nothing of cultural value to our area. 

2. We ask Benson's to replace the mature trees that were destroyed during construction and recreate a welcoming and beautiful communal seating environment for locals and patrons who want to utilise the space.

Our Landlords

1. We thank the landlords for their generous offer to look at financial records and consider a reduction in rents until this nightmare is over. We ask that they also throw their considerable weight and influence into our negotiations with the developers, construction company and specifically the council. 


Concerned local residents and customers of Morey Street: a once quiet and charming retail precinct for those seeking an escape from the busy High Street, and a charming heritage listed thoroughfare for commuters going to and from Armadale station. Please visit if you're in Melbourne, and patronise the lovely establishments. You won't regret it! 

Directly effected: Market Imports, Walk Don't Run, Crowning Glory, Plant One On Me, Core Physiotherapy and Pilates.

Also affected : the many great businesses inside the 100+ year old family owned Kings Arcade, Kay & Burton employee parking (damage to cars), and many more. 


The Marcus Group

Benson's Property Group (facebook page)

Armadale / Stonnington Council

Feel free to visit their FB pages and let them know what you think of them after signing our petition. They need your advice and help getting in touch with their humanity.


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