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Save More Lives and Support Funding for Stroke Awareness and Prevention

Every 40 seconds, someone experiences a stroke. Strokes can happen to anyone, at any time – but many can be prevented if more people can recognize the warning signs and seek medical attention right away.

This year alone, more than 100,000 people are at high-risk of dying from stroke:

- Strokes kills twice as many women as breast cancer every year.
- Strokes in children, teens, and young adults are increasing at an alarming rate in the U.S.
- African Americans and Hispanic Americans are at higher risk than many other groups within the American population.

There is an urgent need to increase knowledge and understanding of strokes so people can protect themselves from having a new or recurring stroke and to make sure they can recover to their fullest potential.

 By arming as many as we can with life-saving knowledge and securing additional funding and support for stroke prevention, treatment, and recovery, we can save more lives from strokes. Pledge your support today.



With more than 100,000 people at high-risk of dying from a stoke, it is vital that funding be increased for stroke prevention, treatment, and recovery.

I want to help bring awareness to the warning signs of stroke, and help save more lives from stroke this year than last.

With additional funding, we can help improve stroke awareness and medical care available to individuals and families touched by stroke.