Save monumental body of site specific outsider art in West London

Save monumental body of site specific outsider art in West London

16 October 2019
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Genesis housing
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sasha Galitzine

Gerry’s Pompeii is a monumental body of site-specific outsider artwork created by Gerard ‘Gerry’ Dalton (b. Ireland 1935). It is set in a small social housing flat and garden where Gerry lived on the canal in Westbourne Park, London. 

Gerry spent 30 years creating this fantastical world in which he realised a truly unique vision of royal (and popular) history, having retired after a long working life as a parcel porter, a factory and cafe worker.

To date, the space features around 200 concrete and mixed media sculptures,170 wall mounted works and a 50 metre long mural along the bank of Grand Union Canal.

Apart from involving his local community, Gerry, who identified as a gardener and not an artist, was intensely private and his project remained a hidden secret

The flat has been left untouched since Gerry’s passing earlier this year and as it is part of the social housing scheme, Genesis Housing will reclaim the property by October 31st 2019.

If this happens it is at risk of being dispersed and removed from its site specific location.

We are in need of urgent financial support, influential voices, journalists and the public to back our campaign. Please help to support by signing this petition - thank you!

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Support now
Signatures: 626Next Goal: 1,000
Support now


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