Save Maxatawny & surrounding areas! Say, "NO" to The Valley Logistics Warehouses Project!

There are numerous factors that define this project as a failure and truly bad idea. Unfunded and under funded Berks Penndot projects have rendered the Berks County section of 222, one of two key highway arteries in the county, into an antiquated choke point. 222 connects to a four lane interstate at the northern and southern borders of Berks. All of that vehicle traffic, already well-saturated with tractor trailers, will be exacerbated by thousands more large trucks. This project has the ability to stagnate Berks County's free flow of traffic to critically inefficient and dangerous levels. It also is completely incompatible with smaller local roads which were never intended to tolerate these vehicles. The natural charm of these backroads, which is a large part of what makes living here civilized will be forever changed and diminished. The value of another warehouse versus a lifetime of a beautiful natural area, historic sites, and nearby farms and fields is clear. This project is just not worth the sacrifice.

Michael Shaw, Kutztown, PA, United States
6 months ago
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