Petition Update

13,000 STRONG: Support for the rarest dolphin on earth is mounting!

NABU International - Foundation for Nature

Nov 11, 2012 — Thanks to you were are steaming ahead! With less than 14 hours to go until the government deadline on submissions about the protection of Maui's & Hector's dolphins left, we have reached 13,000 signatures! A FANTASTIC RESULT! Thank you all so much for your support. Let's make these last few hours count by sharing this petition as widely as possible. Every signature means an extra submission to the New Zealand government. There isn't much time and this might be the last chance we get to turn the dolphins' fate around.

Hector's adn Maui's Dolphin SOS
Hector's adn Maui's Dolphin SOS
Please take action now , so Maui's dolphins will no longer be ignored!