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Jun 27, 2014 — Dear Maui's and Hector's dolphin friend,

Good news! New Zealand's Environmental Protection Authority has rejected plans to mine iron ore from 65 sqkm of ocean floor for 20 years in the home of the last 50 Maui's dolphins. 50 million tonnes of sand would have been sucked up and pumped back into the sea with devastating consequences for all marine life. Thank you for standing up against this deadly threat to the rarest marine dolphins on our planet.

But there is also bad news for Maui's dolphins: fishing continues to kill the dolphins dozens of times faster than they can breed. Last week it also emerged that the New Zealand government has given the go ahead for extensive oil exploration inside the dolphins' home. What's more, New Zealand's Minister for Conservation, Nick Smith, misled the public about these plans by stating that the search for oil was "nowhere near where the Maui's live". But a map that shows dolphin sightings from Dr Smith's own Ministry proves that this is wrong (

Each of these threats alone threatens the dolphins' survival.

Please help us save the last 50 Maui's dolphins from extinction by joining us on facebook ( and by sharing, tweeting ( and telling your friends about this gross injustice, which is wiping out the world's smallest marine dolphins right before our eyes.

Thank you for your continued support!

Dr Barbara Maas
Head of Endangered Species Conservation
NABU International


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