save marine iguanas

save marine iguanas

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Why this petition matters

Started by billie miles

Picture this, ur sitting peacefully on a rock with your loved ones around you,a cool refreshing breeze hits your face, everything is perfect.

suddenly! the sea washes up, hitting the rock, splashing slimy oil across your face, you start to feel sick. Over time you get sicker and sicker until one day you die.

Thats what happens to the marine iguanas of the galapagos islands on the daily, as well as rising seas and temperature increase affecting their environment, their home.

By simply using electricity and having stuff shipped overseas is killing off marine iguanas  and the other animals that live on the same islands such as turtles, penguins, seals and seabirds. 

If we reduce the amount of electricity we use and items we get shipped we can help save the iguanas and other island animals lives!

Ways you can help: 

-turn off the light as you leave the room

-buy more stuff in person rather than shipping it or order from in your country

-adopt a marine iguana online at

Sign the petition - save hundreds of lives - feel good

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91 have signed. Let’s get to 100!