Save Luna Park from Developers – We need your help!

Save Luna Park from Developers – We need your help!

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Would you hand over control of Luna Park, one of Sydney's great icons, to a property developer? Believe it or not, that's what the NSW Government is preparing to do! It's planning to to remove planning protocols and allow massive over development by allowing the (a) expansion of Luna Park into adjacent parkland (Lavender Green) and (b) building of rides (between 16-40m high) on the iconic "midway" (the area that runs through the centre of the Park that has, since it opened, been set aside for people to gather and take in the experience of a Tivoli styled theme Park on the edge of the harbour). What's more it will be left to the developer to decide which rides can stay, which are to go and what can be built. 

Preserving green space is the hallmark of a livable city. If you have ever ventured to Luna Park, Lavender Green and Wendy’s Garden, you will appreciate the beauty and serenity that this area holds. It is a pocket of Sydney which should remain peaceful. We want both Luna Park and these beautiful park areas to remain as they are. 

It's time for the NSW Government to protect Luna Park.

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