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Save Lives, End the Synthetic marijuana epidemic, Legalize Marijuana

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 Our law makers and the legislation of our drug policies have lost a major battle in the war on drugs, so, what does the future hold for this country where drug abuse and addiction have seemingly become as American as apple pie?  Ever since Richard Nixon and Nancy Reagan proclaimed a “war on drugs,” the United States has been struggling to create a unified drug policy that would both keep our streets safe and our children properly educated about the dangers of substance abuse and addiction.

It was thought that tougher laws and powerful advertising campaigns would be the means to end and win the war on drugs, which was intended to rid our streets of illegal narcotics and put foreign drug cartels out of business within our borders. In 1994, it was revealed that the war on drugs had caused over 1,000,000 people to be incarcerated in the United States. The majority of these people were non-violent drug users. One would have to question whether the goals of the war had truly been achieved or if this policy has been used to generate revenue at the state level. Our jails are still full of people, our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, and our brothers and sisters who their biggest crime is addiction and the main victim is themselves. Addiction is not a crime it is a disease that with treatment recovery is possible.  This issue needs to be addressed if we are to be seen as a forward-thinking, progressive nation who rehabilitates addicts instead of criminalizing them. The war is not over, although we have suffered a major defeat,  we can recover from it. 

The use of marijuana by teenagers out of curiosity, and the experimenting  with "pot"  has been long thought to be the gateway drug that leads to future drug use and  has been the back bone for  marijuana, a natural plant that grows from the earth to remain  at the top of the controlled substance list. To fight against the governments policy on marijuana and to be free of being arrested has  fueled this country's newest and worse drug epidemic to date. Synthetic cannabinoids, a man made chemical developed for the research of the medical benefits of  tetrahydrocannabinol "THC" the natural chemical found in the marijuana plant.

   Synthetic cannabinoids, better known as "fake weed" "the safe & legal high" "Kush" "k2" "Klimaxx" and many many other names has become very popular among our younger generation, those needing to pass a drug screen and our countries homeless population.  This is mostly due to the easy access,  low cost  , the inability to be detected in drug screens and the misconception that it is safe and legal, that its wide spread use has been on the rise. When in reality it's not marijuana use, but the marijuana criminalization, that has led many to turn to synthetic cannabinoids as an alternative, but at what cost? 

Synthetic cannabinoids is anything but legal and safe, it has been added to the drug policy under the Controlled Substance laws classified as a Schedule 2 narcotic right below, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, and other opiates. Although the manufactures of these chemicals, mainly China, have discovered a way to stay 1 step a head of the law by changing the chemical make up of these chemicals, thus creating new ones that have not yet been added to the controlled substances list making that chemical legal and unable to be prosecuted in the courts and unable to be detected in drug screens.  Meaning that law enforcement know that their arrests of people in possession of this drug never go to court, because the chemical has yet to be added to controlled substance list which has led to slow response to this epidemic. 

Although called and referred to as "synthetic marijuana" it is nothing like the traditional plant. The only thing the 2 share in common is they both effect the CB receptors in the brain and from there are totally different in every way. Life and death are the main difference. Synthetic cannabinoids the chemicals used to spray and or soak herbal leaves to be packaged and sold as potpourri  or incense with the words "Not for human consumption" printed on the package, are being used like marijuana in that it is smoked either from rolling papers, pipes, and or  bongs, but the effects are anything but that of traditional marijuana. 

Traditional marijuana effects include, relaxation, sleepiness, hunger, known to relieve pain, along with nausea  and vomiting, there have been few reported cases of panic, anxiety and paranoia. There are people in prison for life just for the mere possession of marijuana, no guns, no weapons, no violence, no victims or other crimes, just possession of weed.

Synthetic marijuana has been on the streets since  about 2008, sold in corner stores on display by the register but in plain view and for all to buy. It has since been banned for sale through out most of the country and the world, although is still being sold only it is no longer displayed at the register but kept hidden and sold to those who know the store sells it. The effects of "Spice" K2" Klimaxx" fake weed" include but not limited to paranoia, violent behavior, rapid heart beat, anxiety, strokes, kidney failure,  catatonic state of mind , also suicide and death have become common with the use of this drug.  There has never and probably never will there be a reported case of death caused form traditional marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana has been the cause of 1 mother killing her 3 children before  slitting her own throat, another mother killing her daughter stating she needed to get the darkness out of her, a father dropping his daughter off a bridge because he thought she was possessed along with other violent and dangerous acts committed against others. Marijuana has never been known to cause such horrific behavior. Users of Spice, K2, Kush are dying some with just one hit of synthetic marijuana, others after prolonged use.  The death toll of this drug is very high and continues to rise at an alarming rate. There is little known about the long term effects, or the effects on the unborn child of an addicted mother. Traditional marijuana does not have the same ability to kill and or cause such tragic effects.

Marijuana has slowly being made legal in some states for both medical and recreation purpose, in these states the use of synthetic marijuana has declined. The amount of people receiving affordable effective medicine has risen immensely when compared to when illegal and Big Pharma meds were out of reach to so many due to their high cost. Their crime rates have declined. The high school drop out rate has declined. This along with the added revenue to the states budget has been shown to be the right decision and a step forward on the battlefield of this War on drugs. 

The time has come for our federal government to stop the criminalization of marijuana and its users, to stop allowing Big Pharma to take advantage of the American people and their patents of a man made chemical that can easily be obtained naturally  from  marijuana and their high cost of needed medications, and  to crack down on the synthetic drug epidemic and mostly and more to save lives. 

 Your open mindedness, your ability to weigh the pros and the cons of the these 2 drugs, your common sense and mostly your wanting to save lives, maybe the life of your own child, niece or nephew, your neighbors child, or coworkers child or the stranger you have never met child, should  compel you to sign this petition.Legalizing marijuana on the federal level would have great positive impact on this country, of course there will be some negative impact but when compared the good totally out weigh the bad. Legalizing marijuana will help stop the synthetic epidemic, and countries like China from shipping their chemicals to the United States. Legalizing marijuana will save lives. Legalizing marijuana will send a message to Big Pharma that we the citizens will n longer accept their greedy tactics in extorting money from people in need of medicine. Legalizing marijuana will be a major victory in the "Ware on Drugs".....

Please take a moment to sign,and leave a comment after all this is the US of A let your voice be heard........ 

" Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."  

                                                                                       Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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