Petition Update

Reinspection, but no word...

Kristie Corson
Voorhees, NJ

Aug 18, 2012 — On August 16th, LMRR was reinspected, a week before we were told to expect them back. Several construction projects are underway this weekend, to bring things up to code (note; that were not a problem last year) and we need some time (and money - to donate to go ) to complete the improvements we can make and to hire a lawyer to protect us from the unfair rules we are being subjected to that are based on standards of care for DOGS and not rabbits!

We remain open, but only for appointents at this time, until further notice. We did not FAIL and inspection, and the care/health of the rabbits is not the concern, the large majority of the complaints are related to the shelter's structure, which was an old machine shop before we moved in and made $20,000 worth of improvements since Sept 2010.