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Lake Hugh Muntz Care Group started this petition to and

Lake Hugh Muntz is in CRISIS! Under Councils Management, 20 years of declining water quality has resulted in regular lake closures due to Algae Outbreaks.

If the lake continues to decline, this Community asset and unique swimming area will be lost forever!

Lake Hugh Muntz is one of Gold Coast’s “Best Kept Secrets.” LHM is the only large, freshwater shark free lake on the Gold Coast suitable for swimming. Regularly used by many locals and several groups for training. This is an ideal safe water training area used by Nippers from the numerous Lifesaving Clubs in the area. LHM is the center of Triathlon Training on the Gold Coast. Australian Institute of Sport run weekly training for Commonwealth Games competitors at the top of their field. Surf Lifesaving Australia recognize the importance of this asset by booking the lake for the whole year as a bad weather alternative venue to ensure safety for their competitors.

Just some of the user groups include;

  • Australian Institute of Sport. (Triathlon team train every Monday)
    Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club
    Mermaid Beach SLSC
    Nobby SLSC
    Burleigh SLSC
    Burleigh Mowbray Park SLSC
    Kurrawa SLSC
    Merrimac Sailing School.
  • A BODY 2 FIT Triathlon Club Inc

In March 2017, Gold Coast Council announced they plan to downgrade the lake from Primary to Secondary (non-swimming) and declared that no further funds allocated.

They have essentially signed a death sentence for the Lake!

Although there are many solutions including a detailed Management plan commissioned by Council to reverse the decline, Council are intent on letting Gold Coast’s Best Kept Secret decline until it is unusable.

A prominent Council Member stated, “WHO SWIMS THERE ANYWAY”

Clearly, Council are out of touch with the importance of this lake to the community.

We need your support and numbers on this petition to get Council to act on the following;

That Council formally classifies the designation of the lake (set out in the Lake Management Plan 2008) to be a PRIMARY CONTACT water body and suitable for swimming and related recreational activities at the request, and for the benefit, of the local community; AND
Council seriously and expeditiously investigates all available technical solutions to returning the lake on a sustainable basis to pre 2007 water quality levels to enable reliable use as a PRIMARY CONTACT water body.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!