Save Ladyhill Junction/Circle in Mangalore

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Save Ladyhill Junction/Ladyhill Circle in Mangalore

We, the ex-students and parents of Ladyhill Institutions are objecting strongly the resolution to be passed by Mangalore City Corporation to rename the Ladyhill Circle to Sri Narayana Guru Circle. We are of the opinion that the changing of Status quo will wound the feelings of lakhs of students who have crossed the portals of our beloved Alma mater, hence it is obligatory to retain the name as Ladyhill Circle.  The management, staff and students too have forcibly objected the same proposal and submitted their memorandum to concerned authorities.   

Ladyhill has its own historical significance. The Apostolic Carmel Sisters started its Mission of Education in 1870 in Mangalore. The local persons specially the GSB community requested them to open a school for their girls in Dongarakeri, Urwa. Hence the Ladyhill Victoria Girls High School was started in 1885. A large number of girls are being educated in the said school since then and are contributing much to the society in different fields. The term Ladyhill assumes its importance mainly for the reasons that girl children are provided holistic education, besides the place being a hilly area. As a mark of respect for the women empowerment, everybody called the area as “Ladyhill”. Since then, this place is called Ladyhill Junction/Ladyhill Circle. Hence the historical significance of 135 years of Ladyhill cannot be changed.  

Besides, the very name ‘Ladyhill’ adds strength and support to the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ scheme of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narandra Modiji as Ladyhill educational institutions cater to the education of girls. It will be a great disappointment to the thousands of girls/women who have studied in these institutions if the name is changed and their feelings of nationalism will be shattered.

In the said area a large number of ex-students reside. The proposed change will hurt their feelings of attachment to Ladyhill institutions as it will twist the history of the place. Earlier in the year 2003 and in the year 2018, attempts were made to change the name of Ladyhill Junction but because of the objections raised by the public, the said proposal was dropped. Hence it is unfair to change the name of the circle even now. 

The appeal of the ex-students, PTA and well wishers of Ladyhill institutions is to maintain the status quo and we place on record our objection to change Ladyhill Circle to Sri Narayana Guru Circle.  

It is the opinion of us and the like-minded people that instead of renaming circles, roads etc, Mangalore City Corporation and our political leaders could concentrate on developmental projects in making Mangalore, a smart city in reality.