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Save Labour's voice: party membership currently represents 0.054% of 2015 Labour voters

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Plea to mobilise Labour Party supporters & prevent a potential break-up within the party.

Political opposition and discursive democracy are essential requirements for any functioning democracy; they prevent totalitarian one-party states.

The U.K.'s main opposition party has distinctly changed its party’s ideological stance, supposedly mandated by a sudden increase in Party membership.

There has been a demonstrable slump in electoral support, whilst several prominent and competent Labour MPs have become marginalised and confined to the back-benches. 

The present situation is a result of the party's shift to the far-left & the personal leadership qualities of Jeremy Corbyn, who ironically believes opposing his Leadership is undemocratic. 

To be clear: his mandate to be the primary representative of opposition to the U.K. Government derives from just 422,871 people in 2015 (0.00650571% of population) & 506,438 people in 2016 (0.00779135% of population).
Across the year period, the United Kingdom Population passed the 65,000,000 mark.

Enhance our democracy by mitigating this deficit. Join the Labour Party for as little as £3. Encourage activism in support of an electable Labour Party that can provide scrutiny upon the actions of the Conservative Government.

The present requirement for an electable, effective Labour opposition is perfectly demonstrated within the ideals of the late, Sir Gerald Kaufman.

Family Spokesmen : "Sir Gerald dedicated his life to serving those who he believed would benefit most from a Labour government and Labour values in action.

"He believed that policy and principle without power were simply not enough to deliver the better life that he fought for on behalf of his constituents for almost 50 years.

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