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Save Kennedy Street from inappropriate car park development !

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VicTrack is planning to construct a 150-space commuter car park on vacant land along the railway line between Doveton and Berkeley Streets in Kennedy Street, Castlemaine. 

Work is expected to commence in March 2017, with a completion around October 2017.

The proposed 3000sqm site is more than 300 meters from the station and sits directly adjacent to the most intact heritage residential block in Kennedy Street featuring established street trees and well-preserved homes dating back to the 1850s. 


Castlemaine undoubtedly needs more commuter car parking, but the current VicTrack proposal is totally inappropriate for the following reasons:

o  It will be located in a sensitive heritage residential zone even though closer, commercially-zoned undeveloped land is available. These areas  include the Gingell St car park, the area south of the Lions Club and the area immediately adjacent to the Goods Shed.

o The practical effect of the plan will be to funnel the bulk of Castlemaine's commuter traffic out of the commercially-zoned end of Kennedy Street, into the quiet, northern residential end. It will also significantly increase traffic in Doveton, Berkeley and Bull Streets - all of which are currently quiet residential streets.

o The plan will see a major increase in traffic along Berkeley Street near the Castlemaine Kinergarten. This street, like Berkeley Street and Bull Street, does not have a sealed shoulder or footpath, and is incapable of accommodating the expected traffic increase, especially during kindergarten drop-off and pick-up times.

o At 300 meters at its closes point, the proposed site is too far from the station to guarantee optimal use. There is a very significant risk that locating the car park at such a distance will discourage use in favour of closer options that are yet to reach capacity.

o  At 150 spaces, the car park represents a more than a doubling of commuter car park spaces and is unnecessarily large given other parking options are yet to reach capacity.

o   It is being rushed through without a proper business case for political reasons, and not because it's in the best interests of the Castlemaine community .

Castlemine deserves a parking solution that is properly tailored to the community, rather than one that is the cheapest or most politically expedient!

There are several better and less intrusive options available to boost commuter car parking. These include:

o   Upgrading the Gingell Street car park.

o   Developing the land south of the Lions Club for car parking.

o   Converting the derelict storage yard next to the Goods Shed to parking.

o   Redeveloping the existing station car park to maximise the available space.

The current plan must be postponed until a more sensitive one can be developed

Any future commuter car park plan must:

o   Involve co-operation between VicTrack, Council and other other relevant government departments or statutory bodies to identify the best possible site for a new car park.

o  Respect and preserve the heritage character of the area.

o   Maximise the potential for effectively linking the CBD, station and Botanic Gardens/Woollen Mills precincts.

o   Preserve established vegetation on the site's prerimeter, and include new vegetation within the car park itself.

o   Minimise visual, acoustic and light intrusion to adjacent properties and the neighbourhood in general.

o   Be appropriately sized to avoid problems commonly associated with underutilised car parks such as vandalism and other antisocial behaviour.


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