Save Kauai's Beautiful Trees before they are all destroyed!

Save Kauai's Beautiful Trees before they are all destroyed!

July 17, 2022
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Started by L B


Kauai’s county parks are in constant use, day and night by residents and guests alike. Their care and maintenance reflects the county’s commitment to the people, the environment and the Island. They should be a point of pride. Instead, they are poorly maintained.
Trees are a large part of what makes the parks user-friendly, by providing shade, protection, and esthetic beauty. They deserve to be properly cared for.
Unfortunately, many of our big, beautiful shade trees are being radically topped due to lack of training and experience about tree care and tree growth.

Instead of reducing tree maintenance, this practice results in higher maintenance costs, a waste of County dollars, and potentially unsafe trees.
These trees will never grow back to their majestic beauty.
This type of pruning actually creates more work in the future and can potentially create a hazard to the public because the new branches are weak and tend to break.

  We the undersigned strongly request that the county have a Certified Arborist on staff and require him/her to use the arboriculture industry’s Best Management Practices in tree care in all our county parks and recreational areas.
Provide training in tree care for county staff.
Replace the dead, dying or mutilated trees that have been over-pruned beyond recovery.

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The Kauai Landscape Industry Council

The Kauai Outdoor Circle







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Signatures: 313Next Goal: 500
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