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May Wong’s response

May Wong

May 10, 2013 — Several private citizens are being harassed by Tom Murphy under the Save Jerry Garcia Amphitheater petition as stated below. I agree, the amp should be saved, from Tom Murphy.

I, along with several park advocates are trying to bring activity to McLaren Park and now are being bullied. I am not interested in what name is attached to anything. I hope to bring the community some participation and enjoyment in our own backyard.

I demand this childish harassment stop immediately. Even the organization hosting his terror attacks states that I am being "targeted". I do not need to read why somebody from anywhere in the world have signed his petition. I consider this a form of bullying and spam.

If I was neutral before his harassment, then he has helped to convince me that any assistance I might have given to his Jerry Day in the past, is just that - passed.

This is for those who are not public officials, yet in Tom Murphy's world are road blocks to his agenda, be warned, if he has your email address be ready to be spammed.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Save Jerry Garcia Amphitheater <>
Date: May 9, 2013, 8:32:16 PM PDT
Subject: New petition to you: Save JGA: Retain the name and preserve the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater.
Dear May Wong,

Save Jerry Garcia Amphitheater started a petition "Save JGA: Retain the name and preserve the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater." targeting you on that's starting to pick up steam. is the world's largest petition platform that gives anyone, anywhere the tools they need to start, join and win campaigns for change. never starts petitions on our own -- petitions on the website, like "Save JGA: Retain the name and preserve the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater.", are started by users.

While "Save JGA: Retain the name and preserve the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater." is active, you'll receive an email each time a signer leaves a comment explaining why he or she is signing. You'll also receive periodic updates about the petition's status.

Here's what you can do right now to resolve the petition:
Review the petition. Here's a link:
See the 3900 signers and their reasons for signing on the petition page.
Respond to the petition creator by sending a message here: