Stop Irvine harbour housing development

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North Ayrshire council are planning a large scale housing development in Irvine harbour, removing a substantial amount of car parking and more importantly building on harbour front green space impacting the environment and views. 

The hidden gem of Scotland, Irvine harbour and park is currently attracting tens of thousands of visitors and tourists per week and is a major source of employment in the area. 

The council have caused fear and panic in the community by announcing they do not need planning permission and do not have to follow the proper process any citizen would. 

The construction would be over two years and would involve disturbing and removing enormous amounts of soil and causing major disruption to the area. 

The community did offer a compromise where they would not object to the development if it was restricted to mostly just the former magnum car parks this would have protected the green space and environment, it would have not negatively impacted tourism and visitors or jobs and the economy. The council rejected any compromise. 

Once built the area will no longer be able to host events, parking will become even more difficult. And future growth and projects that would create more jobs would be almost impossible due to that lack of flexibility in using up such a huge amount of potential land on housing. 

With so much potential in the area to really see this stunning beautiful area grow and blossom. This would be a truly negative first step in a bigger regeneration project. 

Please tell North Ayrshire council NO to this housing development! Yes to jobs! Yes to families! Yes to leisure! Yes to tourism! Yes to events! Yes to protecting nature and the environment! 

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