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The Iowa DNR has released it's "2010 Impaired Waters List" and it's not pretty.  Nearly 600 impairments on over 400 impaired waters.  Bacteria, arsenic, mercury, heavy metals and other biological impairments are threatening the water we drink, the water we fish, and the water our kids swim in.

We want Iowans to show their support for funding key water quality programs at the Iowa DNR and future funding for the Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.  Show your support - and visit;

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Iowa is facing a water quality crisis - nearly 600 impairments on over 400 Iowa waters. These are waters in our backyard; at least one impaired waterway in all 99 of Iowa's counties. But, we can do something.

I support Iowa's Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund created last November with an overwhelming vote of 63% of Iowans. Now, I'm asking you to protect funding for critical water quality and soil conservation programs by fully funding REAP (Resource Enhancement & Protection) at $20 million for both FY 2012 and FY 2013.

Our kids, and grandkids will thank us.

Thank you for your service!

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