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Save Indian Marriages : Stop the law on marriage amendment bill from gifting all male property to females

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If you are a Indian parent of a son or a male who wants to get married and live happily support this petition.

Our Institution of marriage and family as a whole is under threat

Our politicians are creating a one sided law that will reduce indian marriages to prostitution and one sided blackmail.
Both opposition BJP and  ruling Congress are hand in glove on this. In fact BJP is demanding that men should lose even more on this


1) New Mariiage Amenedment  Bill law proposes that Only Husband's entire  property regardless of whether it was inherited or acquired pre-marriage be treated as matrimonial asset and half of it must be given to wife on divorce.
The law is unfair
         a ) since today women also earn .
         b) Remember today 50% of indian marriages in Cities are ending in divorce , most of these within less than one year and women are initiators on most of these. It is grossly unfair to punish men for divorce they did not want and when marriage is so extremely short
      c) This opens doors for blackmail - Even today in India in almost every divorce case women file false criminal charges to extort money from in-laws , this will lead to rise in such instances.

2) Law does not bring into ambit property or valuables owned by women, they are in fact protected under stridhan, hence even if a woman is rich today , she will still take away half the property of man who may have lesser means than her

3) Law is particularly harsh on Senior Citizens, parents of the boy as even property that may be inherited in future is brought in ambit. THink bulk of people are able to buy one house at best in lifetime, what if their daughter in-laws get share in it , where will retired Senior citizens go ?

4) Already if you look at any matrimonial site or around you you will find divorce in every second house in the cities and bulk of it break within six months of a marriage . How legitimate is it to gift away half of man's property , when women are not ready to adjust even a bit for marriage today

5) Today bulk of divorces & separation are result of being initiated on behalf of women under insinuation from parents and relatives . People's resolve to carry marriages is low.

6) This will incentivise divorce  and marriage will become a get rich quick scheme for women by getting divorce. Hence Divorces will increase

7) Religious conversions will rise as people may have to change religion to preserve their property

8) Live-In relationships will rise like in western countries as men will be scared to get into marriage .


1) Make law gender neutral , bring all property both women and men in ambit of law

2) Incentivise marriage and prevent misuse. Do not allow property acquired to be shared unless the couple has lived together for 5 years.

3) Inherited property to be shared in case there are kids with a rider that father gets joint or equal custody of kids

4) Revoke grant of inherited property to interested party  , if person receiving the grant   remarries


Support this petition, say no to sharing of any pre-marriage property.
Let our illiterate policians know we will not allow our marriages to be trifled with

Think tommorow you get married and your wife throws your parents out of their own house and brings her lover to live in this
Think tommorow your wife will decamp with your ancestors entire wealth legally . Read below



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