Save India from Hindu-Muslim politics of Hate.

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Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi
Chief Justice of India

Respected Sir, 

We the concerned citizens of the country appeal to you to curb the hate speeches in the light of upcoming general elections.

It is a known fact that to reap political benefits certain political parties and politicians are playing Hindu-Muslim hate politics.

The purpose of these hate politics is clear. It is to polarize people on the basis of cast and religion and force them to vote a political party or politician of certain affiliation.
Or it is used as the diversionary tactic to avoid issues which concern common man and escape talking about it.

Communal politics is destroying our nation, brewing hate, creating animosity between communities. There is a growing sense of fear & insecurity, law & order problem & hurting the economy. What enemies of India are not capable of doing from outside, hate speeches are doing from within the country.

Hate speeches have the tendency to provoke the violence. 1984 Anti Sikh riots, 1992 Bombay riots, 2002 Gujarat riots & 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots are some of the infamous examples of how hate speeches added fuel to the fire. Justice is far from done in these cases.

The growing nature of this problem before general elections is evident that measures by Election commission are just not enough.

There is not a single example of the popular politician who gave the hate speech and has been prosecuted by law as a deterrent to others.

YouTube is filled with hate & vulgar speeches many of whom by popular politicians and it is shared again and again. News channels are equally responsible who are acting as the agents of these political parties.

A common man has to deal with so many day to day challenges like Air pollution, traffic jams, rising prices, rents, taxes, health problems, medical bills, tuition fees etc upon that why do we have to suffer the ambitions of a venom-spitting politician?

All those who have signed this petition urge you to take following measures.
1) Form a panel consisting of various law enforcement agencies to monitor hate speeches including on TV channels and Social Media sites.
2) All the cases registered for giving hate speeches should be investigated and judgement should be pronounced within 6 months.
3) As an assurance that politicians will not indulge in giving hate speeches, each political party should deposit 10% of the party funds with Election Commission.
Any member of the political party found guilty of hate speech shall be punished as per law and security deposit be withheld.

Let us save India from communal hate politics.