Save Hyacinth the Ice-cream van in Port Sunlight

Save Hyacinth the Ice-cream van in Port Sunlight

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Why this petition matters

Started by Clive Ransom

The Problem - without Consultation Port Sunlight Village Trust (PSVT) decided to inform the much loved Hyacinth Ice-cream Van that they were no longer required in Port Sunlight because they had decided to give this service to Espresso Eccellente, without surveying the end users of the services being provided.

Failing to support LOCAL traders - Hyacinth is based less than 3 miles from Port Sunlight and they serve a variety of dairy and non dairy ice-creams in cones that suit different tastes and budgets.

PSVT have informed Hyacinth that ice-creams will now be sold by Espresso Eccellente who are from LLANDUDNO in Wales. 

Dumbing Down of Choice - By creating a monopoly, by giving the coffee to Hyacinth or the ice-creams to Espresso Eccellente will ultimately lead to either one of them dropping the ball and quality for the end user will suffer.

Hyacinth Ice-creams support Cheshire-based ice-cream makers and have a wide choice of flavours and service options served from a spotlessly clean vintage van, which everyone loves!  They also provide very funky deck chairs  that make the area around their ice-cream van look very inviting with a real feel of nostalgia. They are not expert coffee vendors.

Espresso Eccellente provide gorgeous coffee and small snacks but are not expert ice-cream vendors.


We propose that PSVT immediately reinstate Hyacinth the Ice-cream van and that any future decisions to remove a much loved trader from Port Sunlight are put to the end user before any hasty arbitrary decisions are made, unless they pose a threat to the public (end user).

Furthermore - PSVT made a decision to close their cafe. This has meant:

  1. They made a decision to bring in local traders to fill this gap
  2. They are charging traders a pitch fee when they have decided to close their own facilities.
  3. They provide the traders with nothing. No power, No Shelter: Nothing!


We propose that PSVT immediately cease profiteering through charging these amazing traders to provide a service that PSVT are incapable of, and have no desire of, providing themselves.


We want PSVT to:

  1. Immediately reinstate Hyacinth Ice-creams.
  2. Stop profiteering by charging traders to provide a service to visitors that PSVT either don't want to or are incapable of providing themselves.
  3. Stop making arbitrary decisions about traders in Port Sunlight that negatively affect the end user experience without consultation of the public.
449 have signed. Let’s get to 500!