Petition Closed

Honest Ed's is a Toronto landmark like no other. Generations of Torontonians hold this building more dear to their hearts than any other structure in the city. The Annex does not need condos; it needs Honest Ed's to maintain it's presence as an oasis of nostalgia and magic in an increasingly sterile and gentrified metropolis. This building deserves heritage designation; it should be protected as it is a beloved, iconic structure that is precious to Torontonians. PLEASE sign the petition and pass it on because we CANNOT lose this fantastic wonder of Toronto !!!

Letter to
Mirvish Productions David Mirvish
City of Toronto Heritage Preservation Services
Please do not destroy the iconic structure that is the heart and soul of your father's legacy. Even if it is something that you are willing to part with, thousands of Torontonians do not feel the same way. Ed was someone who cared so much about "the people", and we the people are not willing to say goodbye to this historic, unique and wonderful structure. It is the home of so many memories and it is such an important landmark to so many, please do not take that away from us!

If you do insist on parting with this property, please work with the population of Toronto and the Annex community to ensure that this iconic landmark is preserved and not demolished for profit. This building deserves to be designated as a heritage site, as it is on par with Toronto's most famous structures in it's value as a tourist attraction and beloved monument to travellers and locals alike.